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Welcome to Our New Website!

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Full Service Advertising Professionals

Scott Production, or otherwise known as Bob Scott Productions, Inc. is a full service advertising agency and production company specializing in event creation or management.

Scott Production is dedicated to creating, supporting, and managing the differing business needs of clients.

For over 40 years using available resources within the affordable budget limitations of clients, this office has succeeded in selling products and services, generate new customers or clients while maintaining or growing the existing client revenue base. This accomplishment applies to retail, service, consulting and technical fields. Every aspect of the hospitality, manufacturing, retail, educational and the management / promotion of festivals or events is part of the past successes of this agency.



Welcome to Our New Website!

The Scott Production Team welcomes you to our new website, and personally wants to thank you for your patience with our re-branding transition. So, what is Scott Production and what transition?

Scott Production was and is Bob Scott Productions, Inc. That may sound confusing but it is not so bad.

Bob Scott Productions Inc. was the traditional advertising agency started by Robert M. Scott in 1974. Over the decades it has grown into so much more, and offers many more services than just a traditional agency.

In an effort to delegate and become more specialized in certain areas, the company has split into three separate companies, but are all united under the same CEO, and that CEO is Robert Scott.

  1. Scott Production-Over 40 Years of Success: A traditional advertising agency that has evolved in media buying techniques over the ages. We challenge you to find an agency that can get the client a better cost-per-thousand than our team. Scott Production is a full service advertising agency, production company, and public relations firm that also utilizes partnerships on projects with C&C and NCS to give their clients the highest results possible affordable.
  2. C&C Worldwide- Bringing Local Ownership Back to the Media: NEW Online Media platforms that bring the viewer local content, while super-serving the advertiser. C&C also offers video streaming/podcast services.
  3. New Customer Solutions- Become a Successful Artisan: NEW Online business tutorials that can do everything from help you write a resume, to train your sales staff at your organization. NCS is also Rochester’s newest Public Relations firm.

As you can see we are still Bob Scott Productions, Inc., and our job is to make your phone ring, grow your business, and make clients/customers walk through your door.

C&C Worldwide